Quartz Partners - Hervé Grosjean - Jean-Marc Lloubères

Hervé Grosjean, started his career at the Corporate Finance department of CCF (now HSBC). After several entrepreneurial experiences in Italy and the US, he joined DIAGRAM, a European financial software editor and took over its Italian subsidiary via an LBO. Hervé sold the Company in 2000 and has advised businesses ever since, be it for merger and acquisition (M & A) related activity or securing funding for growth or leveraged buy-outs, and advising on financial strategy.

Independence and entrepreneurship...

Quartz Founders have a mixed experience of Corporate Finance and small/mid caps, with an extensive international network of partners, provided by a solid background as expatriates :

Jean-Marc Lloubères, Partner, French Business School (ICN). Jean-Marc worked more than 10 years at controlling and finance responsibilities, mainly in Germany and Spain, for industrial groups. He has been working since 1999, in the M&A consulting business, for industrial and services groups.

Gilles Stucker, partner


Quartz Partners is a new partnership dedicated to Corporate Finance, founded by seasoned professionals.

Quartz-Partners specializes in selling businesses and raising funds
on the « mid cap » market. Our clients include Corporate groups, financial institutions, smes as well as Private Equity players.

In a competitive business environment, Quartz Partners provides financial expertise and an extensive experience
of both entrepreneurship, Corporate groups and peculiarities of smes.