First of all there was a quote from Michel Serres : “The change of meaning, though little as it might be, inserts meaning... And without such forkings, there would be no meaning“.

Then in 2013, Philippe Diversy realised a first work in Paris. His intention was to divert light advertisements installed on a number of buildings next to the peripheric boulevard, as a way to attract attention on their heritage value. The “Samsung” neon sign that ornates one of the buildings from the International University Campus in Paris was thus transformed and replaced by mention of the name of the architect of the building: “Claude Parent“...

Paris 2012, websiteCatalogue (1,5 Mo)

Exhibition at Le Havre, octobre 2012

Singapore 2015, website (with Bob Lee) – Catalogue (9,4 Mo)

Exhibition at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, 2 to 30 june 2015

Singapore 2016, website (with Bob Lee) – Catalogue (8 Mo)

Exhibition at The Projector, Singapore, 5 to 31 may 2016

Singapore 2017 (with Bob Lee) – Catalogue (3,7 Mo)

Exhibition at URA Lobby Gallery (Urban Redevelopment Authority),
Singapore, 4 may to 28 june 2017

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